About Me

Abu Afif Sweets History

Mounir Jamal the first founded Abu Afif Sweets in 1974 in Baghdad, Iraq. Abu Afif operated from a small factory located in Adamiyeh district to deliver oriental and Lebanese traditional sweets. Our passion to deliver quality sweets to our customers, have passed through three generations from Abu Afif the first to his two sons and to the family.

In 1985 Afif Mounir Jamal and Nabil Mounir Jamal established a new Abu Afif branch in Karada Kharej, Baghdad due to their hard work, devotion, and willingness to bring their father’s heritage all the way to the top.

Our Sweets

Abu Afif sweets, Iraq’s most reputable, elegant and delicious sweets served the best Baklava and Min il sima for generations. Iraqi people consider those two sweets as an asset to them, which Abu Afif is famous for producing. It’s a tradition and that’s how Abu Afif always kept it for Iraqi’s. Perfection and excellence in our sweets made us extend our products variety to over 20. Abu Afif was able to gain an excellent reputation for sweet production and a unique sweet taste.


Abu Afif’s sons didn’t stop there. In 2005, a luxurious shop was also established in Northern Iraq, Erbil to deliver the same excellent sweets to our loyal customers. Starting from Oriental sweets, min il sema, chocolate, cakes, and the variety goes on.. On 2010 a new Abu afif sweets branch opened in Mansour district, Baghdad.